Heywood-Moore and the Hoedown Band
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Have a private concert in your home!

We have played concert halls, festivals and even in the the homes of the British aristocracy such as Earl Spencer and Viscount Lymington.

We would love to perform at your place; your living room, patio or garden or wherever you have the space.

Fancy a BBQ with live music? We can help you out!

How does a House Concert work?

  • It doesn't cost you anything! Since you are providing the venue and audience, we don't want to ask any more from you!
  • Each guest is privately invited by you. We require a minimum of 20 people for a house concert to go ahead.
  • You will be sent a private event page you can share with your family and friends. This will have a secret ticket link for them to reserve their seat. They can contribute any amount they wish, we don't have a set fee although we do suggest a $25 donation per person.
  • An affordable and unique way to experience quality live music!